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Vehicle transportation solutions that are secure, reliable, and timely are adapted to your specific requirements.

About Us - Shipp2 Logistics System

Shipp2 Logistics System is well-known for its experience providing countrywide auto shipping services in the United States. Our goal, based on years of extensive logistical experience, is to deliver dependable, secure, and efficient vehicle transportation solutions. We serve a diverse range of clients, including individuals and corporations. Our dedication to quality ensures that every cargo is handled with the utmost care and professionalism, making us the first choice for anybody seeking dependable vehicle logistics.

Simple 3-Step Vehicle Shipping Process

Our simplified three-step automobile shipping process makes auto shipping quick, easy, and safe. Here’s how we provide a pleasant and hassle-free experience for all clients.

Our auto transporter steps:

  • Step 1: Request a Quote

    Request a free price online or through our customer service, enter your vehicle and shipment information, and schedule with a few clicks or a quick phone call.

  • Step 2: Schedule Your Pickup

    After booking, we organise a convenient pickup time for your vehicle, and our skilled drivers ensure that it is safely secured for transport.

  • Step 3: Track and Receive

    Your vehicle arrives via our secure, insured carriers and is thoroughly inspected to ensure it is delivered in the same condition as it was picked up, completing the procedure.

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Your Best Shipping Partner

Expert Handling

Our trained crew ensures the safe transportation of your goods, emphasising precision and care throughout the handling procedure to ensure optimal delivery circumstances.

Nationwide Reach

Our services are available throughout the country, providing consistent and efficient delivery. Experience full coverage and skilled handling in all states.

Timely Delivery

We prioritise punctuality and ensuring your shipments arrive on time. Our steadfast dedication to your business's success recognises the necessity of timely deliveries.


Offering low shipping costs, we strive to give value-driven solutions without sacrificing quality. Our reasonable pricing provides a high-quality service and an enjoyable experience.

Flexible Solutions

Our services are tailored to fit specific demands and can accommodate any package size or complexity, providing the most effective and efficient shipping solutions available.

Trackable Service

Shipp2 Logistics offers countrywide delivery that is safe, reliable, customisable, and cost-effective. Our trackable, timely services come with professional assistance to ensure a smooth experience.

Secure Transport

Fully insured shipments offer security and comfort of mind. Our secure transportation services protect your items from unforeseen conditions, assuring a safe delivery.

Customer Support

Our devoted crew provides smooth, stress-free delivery support. We respond immediately to your inquiries, ensuring that you are well-supported throughout the shipment process.

Transparent Pricing on Auto Transport Services

Our straightforward pricing is based on vehicle type, travel distance, route complexity, seasonal demand, and special requirements, guaranteeing that each cargo has fair and clear charges with no hidden fees.

Size and Weight of Vehicle

Larger or heavier vehicles may cost more to ship.

The Car Condition

Operational vehicles are cheaper to ship than non-operational ones.

The Transport Type

Open transport is economical; enclosed is pricier but offers more protection.

The Shipping Distance

Longer distances generally increase the shipping costs.

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Frequently asked questions

We can handle a wide range of vehicles including cars, motorcycles, and light commercial vehicles.
Simply fill out our online form or call us directly to provide your vehicle details and shipping needs.
Yes, your vehicle is fully insured against damage during the transportation process.
Absolutely! We provide real-time tracking so you can monitor your vehicle’s journey.
Delivery times vary based on distance, route, and weather conditions. We provide an estimated timeline when you book.